YLPR Issues

Scholarship from YLPR’s previous volumes is available from Westlaw, Lexis, HeinOnline, and the Yale Law School Digital Scholarship Directory

Notable Authors and Articles

William Jefferson Clinton (2014). “The Voting Rights Umbrella”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 33: 383.

Janet Napolitano (2014). “Only Yes Means Yes: An Essay on University Policies regarding Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 33: 387.

Owen Fiss (2012). “Even in a Time of Terror”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 31: 1.

John Paul Stevens and Linda Greenhouse (2011). “A Conversation with Justice Stevens”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 30: 304.

Marin K. Levy; Kate Stith; and Jose A. Cabranes (2009). “The Costs of Judging Judges by the Numbers”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 28: 313.

William H. Pryor, Jr. (2006). “The Religious Faith and Judicial Duty of an American Catholic Judge”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 24: 347.

Dan M. Kahan and Donald Braman (2006). “Cultural Cognition and Public Policy”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 24: 149.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (2005). “Brown at Fifty: Fulfilling the Promise”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 23: 213.

Robert Post (2005). “Affirmative Action and Higher Education: The View from Somewhere”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 23: 25.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2004). “Looking Beyond Our Borders: The Value of a Comparative Perspective in Constitutional Adjudication”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 22: 329.

Judith S. Kaye (2004). “Delivering Justice Today: A Problem-Solving Approach”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 22: 125.

Charles J. Ogletree Jr. (2002). “From Pretoria to Philadelphia: Judge Higginbotham’s Racial Justice Jurisprudence on South Africa and the United States”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 20: 383.

Shira A. Scheindlin and John Elofson (1998). “Judges, Juries, and Sexual Harassment”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 17: 813.

Stacey Y. Abrams (1998). “Devolution’s Discord: Resolving Operational Dissonance with the UBIT Exemption”. Yale Law & Policy Review.17: 877.

Judith Resnik and Emily Bazelon (1998). “Legal Services: Then and Now”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 17: 291. 

Robert W. Sweet (1998). “Civil Gideon and Confidence in a Just Society”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 17: 503.

Joseph Lieberman (1997). “The Politics of Money and the Road to Self-Destruction”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 16: 425.

Michael S. Dukakis (1992). “Hawaii and Massachusetts: Lessons from the States”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 10: 397.

Eleanor Holmes Norton (1990). “The End of the Griggs Economy: Doctrinal Adjustment for the New American Workplace”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 8: 197.

Harold Hongju Koh (1988). “Overview: Four Dichotomies in American Trade Policy”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 6: 4.

Susan Rose-Ackerman (1988). “Public Policy in the Public Interest”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 6: 505.

Clarence Thomas (1986). “Affirmative Action Goals and Timetables: Too Tough? Not Tough Enough!,” Yale Law & Policy Review. 5: 402.

Marian Wright Edelman and James D. Weill (1985). “Investing in our Children”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 4: 331.

Edward M. Kennedy (1985). “Reconsidering Social Welfare Policy: Introduction”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 4: 1.

Maxine F. Singer (1984). “Genetics and the Law: A Scientist’s View”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 315.

Albert Gore, Jr. and Steve Owens (1984) “The Challenge of Biotechnology”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 336.

Stephen L. Carter (1984). “The Bellman, the Snark, and the Biohazard Debate”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 358. 

Richard Neely (1984). “The Primary Caretaker Parent Rule: Child Custody and the Dynamics of Greed”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 168.

Catherine A. MacKinnon (1983). “Not A Moral Issue”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 321.

Cyrus R. Vance (1982). “Reforming the Electoral Reforms”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 1: 151.