About YLPR

About YLPR

Founded in 1982, the Yale Law & Policy Review (YLPR) is a biannual publication of the Yale Law School dedicated to publishing legal scholarship and policy proposals by lawmakers, judges, practitioners, academics, and students.

Past YLPR contributors include Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, and Clarence Thomas; President Bill Clinton; Vice President Al Gore; Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Cyrus Vance; Senators Bill Frist, Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, and Arlen Specter; Ambassador John Negroponte; and Professors Richard Epstein, Owen Fiss, Harold Koh, Catherine A. MacKinnon, Robert Post, Judith Resnik, Susan Rose-Ackerman, and Cass Sunstein.

Inter Alia, the online companion to the print version of the Yale Law & Policy Review, serves as a cutting-edge online forum for shorter, timely scholarship at the intersection of law and policy.

For more information, please contact Editors-in-Chief Danny Haidar and Karissa Kang at ylpr@yale.edu.

Subscribing to the Yale Law & Policy Review

The Yale Law & Policy Review’s subscription rate for institutions is $30.00 for domestic delivery and $40.00 for international delivery. For individuals, the subscription rate is $20 for domestic delivery and $30.00 for international delivery.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless YLPR receives a request for cancellation. A claim for non-receipt of an issue is honored up to a year following the mailing date of the publication.

All requests concerning subscriptions should be addressed to:

Managing Editors
Yale Law & Policy Review
Yale Law School
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06520-8215

For permission to reprint Yale Law & Policy Review articles, please contact the same address.

Please include author, title, volume, issue number, and year the article appeared. If you choose to contact YLPR about reprints by email, please include “Reprint Request: Managing Editors” in the subject line of your email.

Articles published in the Yale Law & Policy Review may be duplicated for classroom use provided that the author and the Yale Law & Policy Review are identified, each copy is distributed at or below cost with proper notice of the copyright affixed, and written notice of the use is given to the Managing Editors at the above address or via email.

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