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Notable Authors and Articles

Deepak Gupta and Lina Khan (2017). “Arbitration as Wealth Transfer” Yale law & Policy Review. 35: 495. 

William Jefferson Clinton (2014). “The Voting Rights Umbrella”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 33: 383.

Janet Napolitano (2014). “Only Yes Means Yes: An Essay on University Policies regarding Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 33: 387.

Owen Fiss (2012). “Even in a Time of Terror”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 31: 1.

John Paul Stevens and Linda Greenhouse (2011). “A Conversation with Justice Stevens”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 30: 304.

Marin K. Levy; Kate Stith; and Jose A. Cabranes (2009). “The Costs of Judging Judges by the Numbers”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 28: 313.

William H. Pryor, Jr. (2006). “The Religious Faith and Judicial Duty of an American Catholic Judge”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 24: 347.

Dan M. Kahan and Donald Braman (2006). “Cultural Cognition and Public Policy”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 24: 149.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (2005). “Brown at Fifty: Fulfilling the Promise”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 23: 213.

Robert Post (2005). “Affirmative Action and Higher Education: The View from Somewhere”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 23: 25.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2004). “Looking Beyond Our Borders: The Value of a Comparative Perspective in Constitutional Adjudication”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 22: 329.

Judith S. Kaye (2004). “Delivering Justice Today: A Problem-Solving Approach”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 22: 125.

Charles J. Ogletree Jr. (2002). “From Pretoria to Philadelphia: Judge Higginbotham’s Racial Justice Jurisprudence on South Africa and the United States”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 20: 383.

Shira A. Scheindlin and John Elofson (1998). “Judges, Juries, and Sexual Harassment”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 17: 813.

Stacey Y. Abrams (1998). “Devolution’s Discord: Resolving Operational Dissonance with the UBIT Exemption”. Yale Law & Policy Review.17: 877.

Judith Resnik and Emily Bazelon (1998). “Legal Services: Then and Now”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 17: 291. 

Robert W. Sweet (1998). “Civil Gideon and Confidence in a Just Society”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 17: 503.

Joseph Lieberman (1997). “The Politics of Money and the Road to Self-Destruction”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 16: 425.

Michael S. Dukakis (1992). “Hawaii and Massachusetts: Lessons from the States”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 10: 397.

Eleanor Holmes Norton (1990). “The End of the Griggs Economy: Doctrinal Adjustment for the New American Workplace”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 8: 197.

Harold Hongju Koh (1988). “Overview: Four Dichotomies in American Trade Policy”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 6: 4.

Susan Rose-Ackerman (1988). “Public Policy in the Public Interest”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 6: 505.

Clarence Thomas (1986). “Affirmative Action Goals and Timetables: Too Tough? Not Tough Enough!,” Yale Law & Policy Review. 5: 402.

Marian Wright Edelman and James D. Weill (1985). “Investing in our Children”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 4: 331.

Edward M. Kennedy (1985). “Reconsidering Social Welfare Policy: Introduction”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 4: 1.

Maxine F. Singer (1984). “Genetics and the Law: A Scientist’s View”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 315.

Albert Gore, Jr. and Steve Owens (1984) “The Challenge of Biotechnology”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 336.

Stephen L. Carter (1984). “The Bellman, the Snark, and the Biohazard Debate”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 358. 

Richard Neely (1984). “The Primary Caretaker Parent Rule: Child Custody and the Dynamics of Greed”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 168.

Catherine A. MacKinnon (1983). “Not A Moral Issue”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 3: 321.

Cyrus R. Vance (1982). “Reforming the Electoral Reforms”. Yale Law & Policy Review. 1: 151.