The Jury Veto

Judge Haskell A. Holloman Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma. For helpful comments and criticisms on previous drafts, I am indebted to Vanessa Edkins, Andrew Guthrie Ferguson, Adam M. Gershowitz, Carissa Byrne Hessick, Joshua Kleinfeld, Nancy J. King, Matthew L. Jensen, Thea Johnson, Michael J.Z. Mannheimer, Sara Mayeux, Alan C. Michaels, Robert Mikos, Jamelia Morgan, Ngozi Okidegbe, Christopher Slobogin (including for hosting the Fourteenth Annual Vanderbilt Criminal Justice roundtable), Kelly Sorensen, Dean A. Strang, and George C. Thomas. I also wish to thank Selena Kitchens, Broderick Johnson, and every student at YLPR who improved this article, and Anamayan Narendran, both for excellent research assistance and for many a great conversation about football. Finally, I thank Shawnda and Katrina Henderson. We sat down at our kitchen table and sketched out a jury veto, and the concept will always rightfully be ours—yours every bit as much as mine.