The Children of Nonmarriage: Towards a Child-First Family Law

Professor of Law and Healthcare Administration, Academic College of Law and Science, Hod Hasharon, Israel; J.D. Harvard Law School; B.A., Columbia College, Columbia University. The author would like to thank the participants and organizers of two important workshops focused on nonmarriage at which this Article was presented: The Nonmarriage Roundtable at the University of Arizona and the Joint Parenthood in Family Law and Policy at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Special thanks to Ayelet Blecher-Prigat, Merle Weiner, Douglas NeJaime, Clare Huntington, Naomi Cahn, Shahar Lifshitz, Laura Kessler, Shari Motro, Dara Purvis, Katharine Baker, June Carbone, Sharon Shakargy, and Ram Rivlin for helpful insights and discussions relating to this Article. Thanks also to Gabrielle Agus for outstanding research assistance.