The Sharing Economy as an Urban Phenomenon

Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Co-Director, Urban Law Center, Fordham Law School. Assistant Professor, Suffolk University Law School. For helpful feedback on earlier drafts of this Article, the authors wish to thank Richard Briffault, Robert Ellickson, Sheila Foster, Janice Griffith, Clare Huntington, Sarah Light, Nisha Mistry, Daniel Rodriguez, David Schleicher, and Kellen Zale, as well as participants in the Second Annual International and Comparative Urban Law Conference at the Sorbonne, Paris, the Legal Scholarship 4.0 Conference at Northeastern University School of Law, the Third Annual Local Government Works in Progress Conference at Rutgers School of Law, and faculty workshops at CUNY School of Law and Suffolk University Law School. Shawn Fateh, Houston Armstrong, Ellen Callahan, and Hannah Vail provided excellent research assistance.