The Child Welfare and Education Gap

A.B., Harvard University. J.D., Yale Law School. I am deeply grateful to David Super, who supported this project from the start and provided extensive guidance on its development. For helpful feedback from conversations to comments on drafts, I thank Anne Alstott, Owen Fiss, William Garfinkel, Goodwin Liu, David Rosen, members of the Spring 2017 Education Law & Policy Reading Group at Yale Law School, and editors of the Yale Law & Policy Review, including Tony Binder, Matteo Godi, Catherine Martinez, Saúl Ramírez, and Regina Wang. For introducing me to legal scholarship and encouraging my own writing, I thank Akhil Amar, Ian Ayres, Lea Brilmayer, Amy Chua, E. Donald Elliott, Heather Gerken, Paul Gewirtz, Abbe Gluck, Jonathan Gould, Linda Greenhouse, Jacob Hacker, Oona Hathaway, Harold Koh, Margaret Lemos, Daniel Markovits, Michael Moore, Robert Post, Edward Purcell, Judith Resnik, Cristina Rodríguez, and James Whitman. I also thank my wonderful family and friends who made this journey possible.