Bureaucratic Agency: Administering the Transformation of LGBT Rights

Berger-Howe Fellow in Legal History, Harvard Law School; Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Yale University; J.D. Columbia Law School. I am indebted to Ian Ayers, Richard Briffault, Jessica Bulman-Pozen, Deborah Dinner, Elizabeth Emens, Cary Franklin, Suzanne Goldberg, Clare Huntington, Michael Heller, Olati Johnson, Jeremy Kessler, Jim Liebman, Anna Lvovsky, Serena Mayeri, Joanne Meyerowitz, Gillian Metzger, Henry Monaghan, Kim Mutcherson, Doug NeJaime, Luke Norris, Dave Pozen, Carol Sanger, Elizabeth Scott, Reva Siegel, Allison Tait, David Tanenhaus, and John Witt for their invaluable feedback on drafts. I am also grateful to participants in the Columbia Law School Fellows and Associates Workshop, attendees at the 2016 Family Law Scholars and Teachers Conference, and audience members at the 2016 American Society for Legal History annual conference, as well as the faculties at Richmond, Rutgers, UGA, and Vanderbilt law schools, for their thoughtful comments and suggestions. Finally, I would like to thank the editors of the Yale Law & Policy Review, particularly Saúl Ramírez, Katie Choi, Mark Doré, and Matteo Godi, for their excellent editorial assistance. This project was made possible through the generous support of the Yale Fund for Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Cornell University Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Grant.